The Mutual Two Board of Directors extend the warmest greetings to all who enter this website.  Please page through the site and see various features.

Our purpose with this website is to make available facts and details about Mutual 2 and to have transparent communication with the shareholders.  We will provide up-to-date information about the activities, events, and accomplishments that are taking place and that may affect your life here in Mutual 2.  We invite you to reciprocate by giving us your comments, responses, and advice so that your life here in Mutual 2 is enjoyable.

Bulletin Board
Important COVID-19 Information – Click links below to read documents.
FAQ (frequently asked questions) document and Food Resources.Seal Beach PD – Help prevent the spread of COVID-19 advice
06/18/2020 – June Board Meeting Minutes (Draft)
The minutes from this the board meeting are now available.
06/24/2020 – Virtual Townhall Meeting
The virtual town hall will be on Zoom.
06/18/2020 – June Board Meeting Agenda
The Agenda from this months Board meeting is now available.
06/12/2020 – M2- Election Postponement flyer
Please click the link above regarding the Election Postponement
06/14/19 – Annual Meeting Agenda
This year’s annual agenda is now available.
06/14/19 – Annual Meeting Minutes (Draft)
This year’s annual Minutes is now available.